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Researching Your Name

Secretary of State

Corporate Kit

Filing Your EIN

Business Phone Number Setup

411 Listing

Business Email

Virtual Office Setup

No PG Business Credit

Hiring a Graphic Artist for $5

Print Advertising -Business Cards via Vista Print (promo code)

Domain Name/Wordpress

Google Business Setup

Bing Business

Apple Maps





Instagram, snapchat, Tic Tock

30-Day Goal Setting Count-Down


Getting Paid- Payment Gateway

ACRS – Automated Customer Response System

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

CYCA – Capturing Your Customers Attention

Becoming Likable

The Ambassadors – How to hire and manage brand ambassadors

Learn how students can get access to celebrity product branding.

Facebook/Intagram Ad training

How to make Video your B**** - Youtube & Tic Tock advanced course

Tweet like the Russians

The 30% Rule

Leveraging Your Finances

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Don’t Get Lost there’s a lot of ACRONYMS- Real Estate Investment Terminology

Wholesaling vs Flipping

Group Training and deal sharing on Telegram


No Money Down Contract Fake-Out technique

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The Art of Finding the Deal

Mastering Finding Real ALL CASH Inventors

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3.5% Down on your first income property

The NEXT Acquisition

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How to Become An ALL CASH Investor (while you’re DEAD BROKE)

Residential or Commercial?

The Equity Funding Trick- 3 Eye Opening Tricks to Buy Anything with No Money Down

Commercial Terminology

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How to Never Get Caught in a Real Estate BUBBLE- The Art of buying under market ALWAYS

Corporate Acquisitions- Another OPM Mystery Uncovered

What is a tape and how to get funding to buy one

What are Non-Performing and Performing Notes

Guaranteed Income with Tax liens

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History of Options

What are Option Contracts

When to trade

Puts and Calls

What is trading psychology

Your Beliefs

Limiting Risk


Money Management Rules

Buying an Income

How to Find Owners Selling

How to Buy a Franchise

#1 Funding Strategy to get over 100% in Funding

Rule 504 of Regulation D

Rule 506(b) vs. 506(c) of Regulation D

Getting Your Paperwork in Order

Setting up your board

Best filing States and Countries for a Fund

Setting up your fees

Sources of Funding

How to find individual Investors

Co-Mingling Funds

Opening Your Business Bank Account

Quickbooks Setup


Vendor Credit with No PG

Do Your Homework


Content Marketing

Direct Response

B2B Branding

Purchasing Time

Google Adwords

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Instagram Ads

Driving Traffic with GoGanic

Corporate Leasing

Personal Credit Eval

FICO Enhancement

Business Credit Eval and Setup

What Is a Personal Guarantor?

Secured Business Loans

Unsecure Business Lines of Credit

Funding to Buy A Business or Building

Fund It – Gates of Gotham University Funding (upsell to artificial financing course or consultation)

E-Commerce: Amazon/E-Bay/Your Site and Shopify

Creating New Products- The ease of white labeling

Amazon Sellers Account Setup

Drop-shipping vs Shipping

Amazon FBA

History of Forex

Market Participants

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What is Forex

What is traded in Forex

When to trade Forex pt1

When to trade Forex pt2

Buy vs. Sell

Bid - Ask = Spread

What is trading psychology

Your Beliefs

The Move

Deadly Sins of Trading

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Leverage and Lots

What are Pips?

StopLoss and TakeProfit

Support and Resistance

Types of Trends

Pending Orders

Economic Events pt1

Economic Events pt2

Money Management Rules

Expert Advisor- Trading like Wall Street with Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and signals

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The 30% Rule: Understanding Long, Medium and Short term investments

Setting Your Mindset for Wealth Management

How to Utilize Insurance for Asset Protection

The mechanics of creating a Trust

Infinite Banking

Carving off Years from your 30-Year Mortgage

How to leverage a HELOC: Simple interest vs Amortization

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